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BRENT STEED - Vox, Keyboards, Guitar, Author, Producer

Federico Sadocco - best known in the fantasy music scene as Brent Steed - was laid for the first time on the 6th of February, 1984 in his Paduan crib (Italy).
Between a delicious snack and another, he starts early to compose his first post-modern operetta music: worth of mention here is "Siamo fichi" ("We Are Cool").
At 10 he learned to push the piano keys giving slight musical sense and shortly after he switched to acoustic guitar, raping it every day and nights for several years.
Still not fully satisfied, he delighted with his vocal cords at the age of 16 shaking Abano Terme hotel walls during his performances with a popular songs choir;
at 20 he decided to burst into Padua metal scene roaring on each concert like a orphan lion puppy. Meanwhile, he graduates in Sociology at the Padua University.
In 2011 according with some Maya interpretations he realizes he may have the last available year on Earth to arrange something serious with his music, so he decides to waste it not:
he spends a whole year for framing a new style: "UFO SPACE ROCK", a mixture of hard rock and pop driven by Steed's biting irony
when he touches social, ufological & parapsychological matters.
He surprisingly releases with CD Baby label ( his first concept album "HORROR AVENUE N. 7" on December 21, 2012, the very same day as the end of the world.
Maybe his unconscious tried to sabotage mr. Steed to save the world from his dirty breaths wherever his reflections could alight.
The album "HORROR AVENUE N. 7" contains seven tracks contaminated with ufological encounters, religious sects, spirituality and politics.
The album is produced, written, performed & mixed by Brent Steed himself, in collaboration with the well-known sound engineer Cj Jacobson and the Venice painter Elisabetta Guarino (
The album cover speaks about the imaginary street Horror Avenue where 7 distinct episodes come to life.
The album opens with a short intro: a politician is giving a hypnotic speech to the subjugated population when he breaks off due to what appears to be an alien invasion.
The second track "SPACE KRAVBOY" describes the thoughts and actions of humans against the alien creatures. The war appears in the end to have no consequences for human beings
and everyday life remains the same.
In an atmosphere of general neglect and apathy "MOTHER!" is a ironic cry for help because he doesn't know who he should believe between the
great numbers of sects or guru che propose the perfect achievement of happiness.
"DOWN ON ME" symbolize the human world of temptations and the sensuality of streets that lead to the eternal pain.
"LIAR" is an acid rebel attack on everybody that wants to sell you lies by the tower of power.
"SHE'S JUST A PUNK" is a street song about marginalization, it's a light story that points out in general who would have access to a social circle trying to pander to the rules of the insiders but rejected instead.
The album closes with "INTO YOUR HEART", a soft ballad that inspires hope for our future rich of love & peace.